MoxieDocs Co-production Award

The turning point of art and activism, journalism and history, can come to form the documentary film. Propelled by this, our production partnership tradition was born. With continued support from the film industry, and the public awareness of the need to produce profound non-fiction stories, our sponsorship campaign goal is to provide the means for complete production, postproduction, and theatrical distribution to the selected documentary proposal.

Our Documentary division stands as a testimony to the voice of the individual, and potential to make a lasting difference in public awareness via the moving image. The MoxieDocs Award has become one of the most valuable production resources available to documentary filmmakers. Projects considered are those in work-in-progress stages. Each competition receives an average of 200 submissions, five finalists are then selected for the "pitch" ceremony, and presented to a panel of jurors made up of award winning documentary filmmakers, past panelists have included Stephen Gallagher, publisher Filmmaker Magazine; Liz Garbus, prod./dir. The Execution of Wanda Jean and The Farm; Sara Lash, Director of Acquisitions IFC Films, Ellen Capon, Docurama; Mary Manhardt, Film Editor Street Fight, Farmingville, Execution of Wanda Jean, The Farm; Submissions are judged based on subject matter, filmmaker's access to that issue, and production crew experience.

Enlisting the support of AVID Technology, SoundSpace NYC, AbelCineTech and Fuji Motion Picture Film the MoxieDocs Production Award has increased to over $150,000 in products and services including:

MoxieDocs Production Award Package:
Attention Filmmakers: We have covered the basics for production, postproduction and Festival/market needs. As you well know every individual project has its idiosyncrasies, we will work with you to secure those additional production/post needs. Also, the selected project will have one or more of our producers join their producing team bringing additional prospective private funding resources.

Camera package
Professional Recording Media production and post-production
Complete Offline services
Complete Online services
PostProduction Sound (Mix/Edit/Design to Final)
Dubs/transfers/masters/submasters/up res
Promotional materials

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