07/21/14  Moxie Films EXTENDS Filmmakers' Panasonic HDCam Raffle

MOXIE FILMS hosts HDCam Raffle of a Panasonic AG-HVX200AP DVCPRO/DV P2 Camera Package (Purchased new for production of a documentary film). BUY your chances now!

*WINNER WILL BE ANNOUNCED on Monday, September 8, 2014. The whole is valued at $6,000 USD

CHANCES AT $100.00 USD *Minimum chances must meet 60 sold

To buy your winning chance PayPal it to 107Suffolk@Gmail.com or 917-312-8859 (Include full name and daytime phone number). PayPal website.

For complete list of Panasonic HDCam package contents email info@moxie-films.com. Winner is responsible for shipping costs if not in-person pick up.

07/20/14  Check out the Moxie Films Mobile Site


01/01/14  MoxieDocs & Moxie Films

MoxieDocs Co-Production Program is currently ON HIATUS - However, you may submit an Email (drew@moxie-films.com) with a 100 word synopsis and link to trailer (if available) to be considered for possible coproduction outside of the MoxieDocs Co-Production program.

We look forward to announcing production and distribution developments for our fiction feature projects Family Slaycation, The Violin Case Killers (Slamdance 2nd Place Screenplay), Sun Valley (aka Pablo Cruz), and our documentary features Jungle Remedy and Apology of An Economic Hit Man.

04/24/10  Apology of An Economic Hit Man Wins Audience Award

Apology of an Economic Hit Man wins Audience Award in the Cinema and Human Rights Sample of Zaragoza (Spain).

John Perkins is a self-confessed economic hitman, reformed and repentant. From 1971 to 1981 he was employed as an economist by consulting firm, Chas T Main. His job? To structure huge international loans to Third World countries (in Perkins’ case: Indonesia, Panama and Saudi Arabia), loans for massive construction projects that would in due course funnel the money back to US contractors, enriching the ruling elite at the cost of national self-sufficiency, independence and endemic poverty for the vast majority of the local population. By this means, Perkins asserts, the US has turned the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund into tools of Empire. His revelations don’t stop there. Perkins promises that Economics--not Intelligence--is where the real cloak-and-dagger stuff happens.

Award-winning journalist and filmmaker Stelios Kouloglou fashions Perkins’ controversial best-seller into a provocative and fascinating film noir documentary, complete with smoky backroom liaisons, corruption, blackmail and murder. Tearful testimony from the family of Panama’s President Omar Torrijos, who died in a plane “accident” in 1981 after refusing to sell out his country hammers home the point. Kouloglou brings the story bang up to date. Why was $1.4 billion--in cash--transported to Northern Iraq three days before the Iraq Government came to power? How did $9 billion US dollars go missing in the first 18 months of the Iraq Occupation...? This is an infuriating film in the best sense--guaranteed to fuel argument and debate. Festival Programmer

07/21/08  Jungle Remedy Resumes production in HD

The documentation of those taking the remedy will soon begin. They are from the United States and have agreed to share their stories and progress with medical personnel and our film. As soon as available, their stories will be included into the trailer which can also be seen at the official Jungle Remedy website.


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